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Magento to Woocommerce conversion

Lightswitch Learning are a bunch of good people who had a really bad Ecommerce site. They were running a Magento store that was about as reliable as an Italian sports car in a Minnesota winter. So we transferred all of the relevant bits (past sales, products, images etc) to a fresh Woocommerce instance with lots of great features to make the good people at Lightswitch happy people.

A word about Woocommerce. Some people will try to tell you that Magento or Bigcommerce or Shopify is the gold standard for Ecomm and then hold you down and let a loogie dangle over your face. Those people are bullies. The truth is that all of these platforms are built on more or less the same technologies, and getting great performance depends more on your server configuration and site optimization. So why choose Woocoomerce? Because it is easy to use.

Which brings me to Radical Idea #321: If you own something, you should be able to use it.

Where my wholesalers at? Ok so you have an Ecomm site but you sell most of your stuff in bulk orders. I guess your site is pretty useless then. Wrong! Our Woocommerce sites are capable of running as wholesale stores in parallel, letting approved clients login and order bulk through a convenient wholesale form.

Work a lot of trade shows? Load up your wholesale site on an iPad and take orders completely electronically with real time inventory.

In stock, ahead of schedule… Topset.

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