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We helped Freehold design a new system for managing membership, expediting the process of verifying VIP’s at the door. Using a rubber duck, a couple of Cisco routers and some scotch tape, we built out native iOS and Android apps that allow them to easily know who’s on the list.

Users have access to the essentials as well, from menus to upcoming events, all within a sleek, duck-themed user interface. Much like the ancient Romans, Freehold adopted the rubber duck as their mascot in deference to its ferociousness and the multitude that were leftover after an event they threw last year.

In conjunction with Freehold, we developed a unique door verification process. Users can request to be added to the door list at the concierge desk during the day.

Once approved, users can login to the app and access a 3D duck whose design can easily be swapped out from the backend. With a constant rotation of rotating ducks, bouncers can quickly find out who’s cool and who’s unwelcome.